Monday, 23 January 2017

Project Love: De La Mer

Nice branding for De La Mer, a neighbourhood fish market in Toronto, Canada, with a large selection of organic, naturally raised, sustainably caught and farmed, fresh seafood and fish options. Designed by Gladstone Media, I love the tiled logo design and beautiful interiors.
For this boutique seafood shop, we set out to create a classic yet modern brand that would stand the test of time and feel like an established part of the community, while still conveying a current, streamlined sensibility. Classic literary quotes featured throughout the space serve as a touchstone to a past era. Custom vintage-style typography, hand-lettered cursive, etched wood, and eclectic found objects give the brand an organic, homegrown aesthetic that sets De La Mer apart from its competitors.

Project Love: Eolo

Love the strong colour and pattern used in the identity for Eolo, designed by Atlas. Great reference to sailing flags.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Project Love: John Doe

Love the bright bold colour and strong typography used in the brand identity for John Doe, designed by Everyone Associates. Nice art direction and website on their site too.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Project Love: The Sinclair

Nice branding for The Sinclair designed by Oat. Love the textures used throughout and the beautiful channel lettering.
The Sinclair declares its industrial style by setting the stage with single stroke neon and channel lettering. 
The collateral design captures the rugged pragmatism of a workshop and the clean lines of a factory back office. An editable area for lyrics and quotes strengthens the relationship between the restaurant and the music hall, weaving in elements from touring bands.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Project Love: Complements

Love this idea by Universal Favourite, for their end of year client gift. They paired with Bakedown Cakery to create a wee box of modular chocolates to create new and unusual flavour combinations.
Complements: modular chocolates to pair + share 
For our 2016 end of year client gifts, Universal Favourite combined 3D printing, design and the amazing chocolatier chops of Bakedown Cakery to create a modular system of chocolates to pair and share. Wanting to create something outside the box that could be paired in endless combinations, we designed an original modular shape that was 3D printed into positives and then turned into chocolate moulds.  
We worked in collaboration with Bakedown Cakery to bring these modular chocolates to life. Universal Favourite created the look of the chocolates, experimenting with colour, finishes and patterns. Jen from Bakedown worked her magic developing the flavours and making the chocolates into the real deal.
 Read more about the process on the website.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Project Love: YX Cutlery

Nice branding by YX Cutlery, designed by Studio Ahremark. Nice textures used throughout the collateral, and love the colour palette,

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