Friday, 24 June 2016

Project Love: Arrels Barcelona

Great identity for Arrels (translating to 'roots' in English), a Barcelona based footwear brand, designed by Hey Studio. A little bit of background from Hey...
Creating the identity meant finding the right balance between their urban look and their rural roots and between being handmade and mass produced. This duality is reflected in the two colours of the identity and in the pattern created for the boxes and the shoes; an idea which was carried over to the brochure. The design of the pattern plays with the idea that if you were to rip up all the layers of concrete which cover the urban landscape underneath you would find the original, natural surface of the earth.
Love the bright colours and patterns that create the identity.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Studio Love: Lux Capital

Loving this branding for Lux Capital designed by Mucho. Great use of a moving pattern that fully works itself into the logo, and I love seeing the brand guidelines as a printed piece. via BPANDO.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Project Love: Unit Editions - Herb Lubalin: Typographer

Gorgeous new book for Unit Editions, exploring typographer Herb Lubalin's work.
Herb Lubalin claimed not to be a great typographer. ‘In fact,’ he said, ‘I’m terrible, because I don’t follow the rules.’ 
This new book proves the opposite. On every page it features Lubalin’s typographic genius (logos, layouts, lettering and typefaces), and places him at the forefront of 20th century typographic innovation. 
Herb Lubalin is, by today’s standards, a typographic master. Everything he did – working in collaboration with some of the giants of lettering and type – had the sparkle of genius. He even had names for what he did: he described it as ‘graphic expressionism’ or ‘conceptual typography’. Using his ability to adapt, merge and create new typographic forms, he was able to enhance and amplify meaning in ways that hadn’t been seen before. 
Having published two books celebrating the genius of Herb Lubalin as a graphic designer working in many spheres, this new volume concentrates solely on Lubalin’s typography. It comes with new texts, new design, new photography, and lots of previously unpublished material. 

Editors: Adrian Shaughnessy, Tony Brook
Consultant editor: Alexander Tochilovsky
Text: Adrian Shaughnessy
Design Director: Tony Brook
Design: Spin

Project Love: Sam Baker

Gorgeous branding for Sam Baker, designed by Kati Forner. Love the confetti like pattern and the soft colour palette.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Project Love: Buro

Wonderful execution of a fantastically minimal brand for Buro, designed by SocioDesign. Great typographic mark used on a variety of different applications, keeping in the black and white colour family with natural amber textures.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Project Love: Maitre Choux

Loving this bright and playful branding for Maitre Choux to brighten up this Monday morning! Gorgeous colour palette and patterns, paired with a clean minimal logotype. Designed by Monogram London.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Project Love: Cafe De La Corte

Great use of a strong colour palette and typographic details in the branding for Cafe De La Corte, designed by The Collected Works. via Identity Designed.

Café De La Corte is a family owned, single origin coffee farm in Colombia. We helped them out with their identity, creating a mark that was based on their family crest.
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