Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Project Love: John Reynolds Blutopia

Beautiful editorial by Inhouse Design, in the book design for John Reynolds Blutopia. Really stunning showcase of his wonderful explorations around the colour.
‘What bliss there is in blueness’ With Blutopia, a compact 256pp book, Auckland artist John Reynolds showcases a purple patch of blue projects over recent years. The beating (blueish) heart of this dusky book is the rambling and twilight series of works on paper, Blutopia, which map the territory and take center stage within it. Both a homage to blue, and a celebration of it in all it’s astonishing multiplicity, Blutopia sings up our blue future… Condition Blue, Blue Funk, The Blue Hour, A Blue Note.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Project Love: Bibelot

Phew, I love patterns, especially when they are mixed, and done as well as they have been in the identity and packaging for Bibelot, a specialty bakery in Melbourne. Designed by A Friend Of Mine, the monochrome tile patterns are unexpected for a sweet treat shop, but with the bright pop of colour and the gold foil details, makes for a beautiful solution. via BPANDO.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Project Love: Have you seen my cat?

haveyouseenmycat.com is an epic little side project by graphic designers Alice Murray and Jared McDowell. Nice strong block typography, spot on tone of voice, and a bit of fun, love it!
Badly designed posters were doing nothing for missing cats. We wanted to change the status quo.

Project Love: Kindo

Stunning branding, packaging, interiors and furniture design for Kindo, designed by Anagrama. Love the way they have taken simple rounded geometric shapes from 2D on the stationery and packaging, right through to the custom furniture and shapes used in the store modules. Gorgeous colour palette too.

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