Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Project Love: Rethink Breast Cancer

Sure, flowers are nice, but RETHINK BREAST CANCER wants you to give her what she really needs. A bit of project info from lg2 boutique, who created the products.
Every October, countless campaigns talk to us about the awareness and detection of breast cancer. But what do you say to someone who has just been diagnosed? That’s the insight behind Rethink Breast Cancer’s latest initiative that recognizes the communication gap between women with breast cancer and the people who care about them. So, rather than try to fill that gap with flowers and greeting cards, Rethink Breast Cancer set out to give them the care and understanding they really need.  
Introducing Give-A-Care: The first line of products for young women with breast cancer, that actually understands young women with breast cancer. More than just a care package they can actually use, each product is named in a bold way that helps to educate about what a loved one with breast cancer is actually going through. The collection includes products such as the “My-emotions-are-so-out-of-whack-that-evenmy- skin-is-being-too SENSITIVE HAND CREAM”, the “All-the-slow-jams-and-silk-sheets-in-the-worldcouldn’t- do-it-for-me-right-now-I-need LUBE”, and the “I-know-this-hospital-waiting room-like-the-back-ofmy HAND SANITIZER.”  
Conceived, designed, and developed by lg2, the line consists of 22 unique products that range from lemon candies that mask the metallic taste chemo can cause, to a stylish zip-front hoodie that’s easy to get on and off after surgery.  
“With input and consultation from Rethink Breast Cancer, and conversations with members of the Rethink Young Women’s Network, we were able to better understand the reality these young women with breast cancer are facing. And the products themselves have been designed to address those actual needs, while using direct language that friends don’t always feel comfortable using,” says Nellie Kim, Partner, VP, Creative Director, lg2, Toronto.  
“The campaign is unique, in that the products are not only a supportive gift, but their names and branding help to educate people about what a loved one with breast cancer is going through,” says Alison Lawler- Dean, VP, Marketing + Communication, Rethink Breast Cancer. “This understanding can help deepen the connection between a woman and her support system.” 
The Give-A-Care Collection is available exclusively at, with 100% of the proceeds supporting Rethink Breast Cancer’s work to educate, empower and advocate for those concerned about and affected by breast cancer.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Project Love: Zazu

Zazu are a new digital marketplace connecting food growers to food buyers and facilitates the delivery of produce between the two parties.

London-based creative agency Fact Studio was tasked with creating the brand and positioning for the service, emphasising the ease and empowerment that it facilitates.

'A-B not A-Z' is the core idea behind the brand. An identity that is benefit driven and promotes simplicity and prosperity by highlighting the simplest solution or route.

The logo uses a graphic line in the Z showing the simplest route from point to point. This graphic language also follows through to simple line illustrations.The idea of shortening is also used in top level messaging as a highlighting device.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Project Love: Monkifesto

Love this campaign for Monki created by Snask. The campaign was released early and is already breaking social media records! Great idea done really well.

Background: Monki is owned by H&M and is a global fashion brand for women.

The Case: #Monkifesto is a value-driven campaign empowering women all over the planet. This is a bold and important campaign containing 10 statements delivered by 10 brilliant and edgy women – Kiran Gandhi, Karley Sciortino, Rita Popova and many more. It's OK to masturbate (we all do it). It should be ok to be gay or transgender. It´s NORMAL (painful and messy) to have your period. It´s OK to be a drama queen. The campaign boosts Monki's target audience to believe in themselves and to go their own way. Our deliverables contain communication concept, creative direction in collaboration with Monki and photo and film production. The campaign is currently being rolled out in Europe and Asia hitting 13 countries.

Visual idea: We took the content; the ambassadors and the statements and made them the actual visual language for the campaign. Creating all the set design and typography by hand on banners, flags, and signs.

Client: Monki
Photography: Arvida Byström
Make up & hair: Viktoria Sörensdotter

Check out the Monki instagram!

Thanks to Fredrik for sending through!

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Design lovers! My huge apologies for the lack of fresh design being posted these last few weeks. I've had a wee holiday in Bali and now am in the throws of moving cities and starting a new job!

Back to regularly scheduled posts soon, I promise!


Monday, 5 September 2016

Project Love: Sally Beauty

Beautiful branding, art direction and packaging for Sally Beauty, designed by Anagrama. Love the strong red used throughout and the makeup esque marks used on the stationery! Also that metallic paper stock!

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