Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Neighbor Branding by Jay Liu

Nice branding for Neighbor designed by Jay Liu while under the direction of Shaun Sho.
The brand identity of this creative agency took on an understated combination of mint and grays to suggest a blend of modern and classic. Radical combinations of fluorescent and gold accents communicate its emphasis on aesthetic-driven designs inspired by fresh and unique perspectives.  
Working with a customised serif type, the identity is kept clean, unobtrusive and confident. Conceptualised as an extension to the collaterals, a series of pass holders are designed to house traditional-looking office access cards, produced in high quality paper with a subtle geometric emboss as a finishing touch.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Cublox Brand Identity by Maisie MacDonald

Nice simple, clean, effective brand identity for Cublox designed by Maisie MacDonald.
CUBLOX is a physical stacking game aiming to bring people together through it’s simple and fun game dynamics. The playful simplicity of the game is shown through the boldly contrasted colour palette we chose to build the rebrand upon. The flat illustrative style was a design decision aiming to show the simplicity of the game.

For the initial launch campaign we decided to utilise the integral purpose of the game (connecting players) and contrast it against the sometimes lonesome feelings that come along with more modern, digitised gaming. This concept was used in a playful manner throughout the game trailer series, but we wanted to assure the users that Cublox is about moving forward in the gaming genre and used the tagline ‘the world used to be flat, now it’s cube’.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Self Care Co Packaging by Carrousel

Nice minimal branding and packaging for Self Care Co, designed by Carrousel.
The Self Care Company produce a collection of hand-poured, soy wax candles from their West London studio. 
Sticking closely to their mantra of wellness and relaxation we took a minimal approach to creating their new brand identity. With a striking, bold logo juxtaposed with soft water colour imprints we brought the brand to life across packaging, print and digital.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Sample Sale Branding by Two Times Elliott

Nice branding for The Sample Sale designed by Two Times Elliott.
The Sample Sale is a show created by the minds behind DesignJunction. We were approached to identify a concept for the show, naming, art direction and full spacial creative at the 22000 sq.ft base, Victoria House. The premise of the show was to provide members of the public with an opportunity to view both sample and end of line interiors products at a fraction of the retail price.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Parko Brand Identity by Caterina Bianchini

Gorgeous typeface and colour palette for the Parko brand identity, designed by Caterina Bianchini.
Parko is an organic and paraben free toiletry range based in LA. 
Focusing on naturally sourced products that all have ingredients with healing characteristics, Parko is all about being good to your skin.

The brand was developed with the concept "Back to Basics." Simple products with a few ingredients combined to create bars of soap and hand creams with scents that are good enough to eat.

Basic graphics shapes were developed to subliminally refer to the 6 ingredients used throughout the entire range. A pastel colour palette was developed to directly refer to the delicate approach the products have on the skin. Coupled, the design elements created a bold and coherent packaging range. The packaging was designed to refer directly to the approachable, laidback characteristic of Parko. Shape and typography interact across the brand assets creating balanced and considered layouts.

The logotype was developed to be versatile but modern. The addition of small quirks within the typeface allow for diversity and variation in the characters, creating a typeface that is hard to miss. With a serif feel to the characters, a slick, sharp typeface has been created, that juxtaposes again the soft contours of the graphic shapes and pastel colour palette.
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