Friday, 28 July 2017

Paulin Watches Geo Sans by Paulin Watches

Beautiful typeface created for Paulin Watches by their in house team.
Paulin has revealed its own typeface today, designed by their in-house typographer and featuring on their latest range of watches, the Commuter Numerical. The Geo font was developed in-house as a numerical only font by their typographer before being expanded into a full alphanumeric font. The design for the numbers was inspired by the geometric, art deco feel of their logo, and uses a system of perfect circles, straight lines, gaps, and 45 degree angles. The design also references the size the numbers are intended to be used at; when they’re scaled down to fit on a watch dial the eye automatically fills in the gaps.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cidrery Milton Brand Identity and Packaging by lg2 boutique

Love this brand identity and packaging for Cidrery Milton, designed by lg2.
With an eye to taking a leading role in the renaissance in Québec cider, the Vergers de la Colline tasked lg2 with creating a new name and visual identity as well as overhauling their brand platform and imagining a unique world for Cid, their craft beer-inspired line of ciders.

“For 90 years, our family has shared a passion and know-how for apple-based products. This new identity, which is at the heart of our business strategy, better represents who we have become over this time: an innovative, expert, authentic and bold company that is above all motived by the exceptional quality of its products,” explained Marc-Antoine Lasnier, General Manager, Cidrery Milton.

For the cider maker’s new identity, the creative team chose colours inspired by the cider maker’s heritage and the raw material itself – green – and its boldness – a bright, solid orange. The objective was to equip the company, who is a leader in Québec’s cider industry, with the winning conditions to catch the consumer’s eye with a distinctive and easily recognizable brand and products.

“For Cid, we created a style that manages to be both classic and fun. Four illustrations featuring an animal and apple come to life on the packaging in a comical way. Again, we pay tribute to the company’s boldness while effectively speaking to a younger target,” underlined David Kessous, Creative Director, Design at lg2.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Isotope Motion Graphics by Craig Pinto

Absolutely epic piece of personal motion graphics work, The Isotope, by Craig Pinto. Go and have a look at the video, its incredible.
The Isotope is a personal project created to better understand motion, and 3d. No story, no concept, just building my craft and creativity from inspiration online and from other places.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Granit Packaging by BVD

Nice packaging for Granit designed by BVD.
Together with the Swedish brand Granit we have designed their new organic range Body & Soul – soaps, lotions and scented candles. The solution is based on the idea of space, a moment to pause in the everyday rush, to take a deep breath and recharge. A design in line with Granit, paying tribute to their heritage of Scandinavian simplicity.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Sweet Whistle Branding by High Tide

Lovely finishing details in the branding for Sweet Whistle, designed by High Tide.
High Tide recently partnered with Sweet Whistle on a complete rebrand to help the company define and bring to life its vision - to spread the joy of giving and receiving a gift. We began by codifying their values, mission, and vision into a solid brand framework document, and then redesigned their visual identity to more accurately reflect it.

The branding blends premium aesthetics with an understated color palette to allow the gifts themselves to sit at the forefront. We re-imagined Sweet Whistle's longstanding logo, the cardinal, to be clean and sophisticated, while developing a number of unique applications for it. Stunning packaging features tactile flourishes like like a notecard micro-embossed with a feather-like impression and textured copper foil stamped lettering. Intuitive UX reflects the high level of service Sweet Whistle offers, as ordering and customization couldn't be easier. The result is a beautiful, elevated, and seamless experience for gift-giver and gift-receiver alike.
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