Thursday, 23 March 2017

Olive & June Brand Identity

Really lovely soft, feminine branding for Olive & June, designed by After All.
Olive & June is a neighborhood nail salon that that stops at nothing to form a personal experience that makes everyone feel at home. AfterAll honors the impeccable taste embodied by founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle’s grandmothers, whose names grace the salon. Olive & June’s identity evokes the salon’s luxury experience, with tone, color and interior elements that link contemporary style with a bygone hospitality.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Novelty Interior Space

Absolutely stunning interior design for Novelty, thought up by Anagrama. Love the steps throughout and the way the metal bars mimic the steps.
In our treatment for the space, pink tones and height fluctuations along geometrical shapes compose a new style for the brand's interior design.  
With the use of various materials including metallic laminant and marble we were able to converse a fluency and depth feeling on to the physical space. Anagrama accentuated geometric shapes through illumination contrasting light and shadows. Rugged finishes add a warm and feminine sense to the interior space.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Fabric of Onehunga Brand Identity

Strong vibrant brand identity for Fabric of Onehunga, a property development, designed by Richards Partners. Great colour and use of visual typographic texture throughout. via BPANDO.

Run Mfg Brand Identity

Tidy brand identity for Run Mfg by Perky Bros.
Run Mfg is an independent race design and production studio based in Chicago, IL. Led by Nathan Barnhart and Elaine Lau, a husband and wife team, they’ve become known for creating unique run events with a high-level of detail and creativity.  
Their brand identity is made for motion. The logo, inspired by a looped shoelace, expands and contracts building endless run routes. The simplified electric blue and black color palette creates a bold, energetic mindset, separating them from the competition, from print to digital to race day.

Monday, 20 March 2017

MT | A Brand Identity

Beautiful brand identity for MT Arquitectos, designed by Anagrama.
For the MTA rebrand, Anagrama created a new identity based on the reflection of their projects betting on the brand evolution. We centered our efforts on designing a typographical logo inspired by the architectural support elements from their projects accentuating bold features highlighting the brand's personality in hand with a clean and elegant identity.
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