Friday, 21 July 2017

Wadha Doha Packaging by Two Times Elliott

Nice packaging for Wadha Doha designed by Two Times Elliott.
Wadha is a Doha-based Islamic fashion brand for women with a focus on unique fabrics and cuts. Contemporary, clean and slightly irregular in aesthetic, the simple identity designed aims to mirror the style of the clothing. The mark designed is a repeated ‘W’ from the Wadha logotype on its side—mirroring a sewing stitch.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Changer Brand Identity by MakeBardo

Nice branding for The Changer designed by MakeBardo.
For the visual identity we’ve used the resource of a a ‘torn paper’ to follow the previous concepts such as ‘Discovering new flavours with the mixed’. We’ve created the sensation and experience of tearing the layers to discover something new and precious. To emphasise this idea, we used copper foil. 
We’ve achieved a unique design and well-defined graphics with a visual texture. Uncoated / Textured papers with a wonderful touch of copper foil and an embossing finishing lends the brand to distinction, impact and a crafted quality to the identity that reflects a personal approach to the brand. On the applications we’ve played with the pattern to give a fresh and flexible look to the brand. We believe that we are telling a strong story with this brand identity. 
Some ideas: — If you break it you’ll find an original flavour. — You will build a new thing. — You will be a creator — You will make a change, you will become The Changer.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Zenzine by Elena Miska

Nice zine project created for an Adobe live stream event, Zenzine, designed by Elena Miska.
When I was asked by Adobe to participate in a three day Graphic Design live stream on, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give my recent collages, doodles and art projects a home by designing a zine in which they could all live. Over the past year, I've created these works purely for my own creative enjoyment; as a way to get my hands dirty and clear my head at the same time, without the fear of trying to achieve perfection. With this concept in mind, Zenzine was born out of the desire to show these physical collages and paintings in an equally tactile but still unassuming form: a printed zine.

Over the course of the three day session, I designed a layout that highlighted the artwork, created a custom logo, and sprinkled in several typographic treatments whose phrases came from notes I'd jotted down over the past few months as things to do or remember.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Dig Inn Brand Identity by High Tide

Nice branding and typographic styling for Dig Inn designed by High Tide.
Dig Inn is a fast casual eatery that believes in the power of the shared table as a place where friendships are made and ideas are born. They build community through food that is locally sourced, in season, and impeccably prepared. Recently, Dig Inn turned to High Tide to overhaul their branding in preparation for the restaurant’s expansion to a number of new locations. We drew inspiration from the cozy minimalism of Scandinavian design to create a sophisticated and dynamic identity system that more accurately reflects their mission and ethos as they continue to grow. We then thoughtfully applied that identity across a range of collateral, including menus, in-store signage, packaging, and the interiors of new locations. The result is an elegantly modern brand identity that has been garnering steady acclaim as it is unveiled alongside the brand’s exciting national expansion.

Monday, 17 July 2017

The Collective Force Branding by Fuman

Loving the branding for The Collective Force, designed by Fuman.
The Collective Force (TCF) is an artist management and production agency, with offices in Auckland and Sydney. With TCF being a representative of photographers, our objective was to create an altruistic identity that would promote the artists work under the one brand, an Alfred to the photographer’s Batman.  
As the definitive expression of this brand, the leave behind carrier was developed. By die cutting segments of the custom typeface, the brand gives a window to each artist’s work, inviting engagement and interaction to explore the work within. The resulting identity and collateral is a strong, flexible and somewhat enigmatic solution for promoting some of New Zealand’s best photographers.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Vinegar Hill House Foods Brand Identity by The MP Shift

So nice to be sent this bold identity for Vinegar Hill House Foods by The MP Shift.
Vinegar Hill House, an icon Brooklyn restaurant, was the first to bring vibrant food and soulful design to Vinegar Hill, now they've opened a sister cafe and catering team, down the road, on the Brooklyn waterfront in Dumbo, VHH Foods.  
The MP Shift created the brand identity with a nod to the retro, mid-century interiors designed by VHH Food's Sam Buffa. The juxtaposition of clean and eclectic inside the space is also shown through the architectural logo. Shapes were then pulled from the negative space around the letters of the logo to create a pattern. This pattern then inspired the designs for collateral. The VHH Foods brand identity strikes the perfect balance between classic and whimsical.
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