Monday, 10 January 2011

Mes résolutions

I know I'm a wee bit late on the ol' resolutions bandwagon, but heres my wee list!

Follow through - first and foremost, and I think this applies to all of my other resolutions - is to follow through! I'm constantly saying how I want to do things, 2011 is the year to actually do them!

Travel - 2010 was amazing for travelling - Melbourne, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, England, France, & Sweden - so I am looking forward to approaching travel the same way and booking some amazing trips!

Design - This year I am looking forward to working on some really exciting projects! I want to start a shop for myself, and start selling beautiful things! I am currently working a very busy full time job at Construct, but am trying to fit as much as I can in on the freelance front too!

Blog - keep on blogging about the gorgeous work thats going on in the design community! Beautiful work inspires me and I hope it is helping some other people too! I am also looking at starting up a couple of features too! Keep an eye out!

Personal - always high on my priority list is keeping in touch with my wonderful friends and family - especially now that I am living so far from home. I constantly have to remind myself to keep in contact with my grandparents - but it's something I'm working on!

Health - this is the classic - I will be trying this year to make the most of my gym membership, and eat healthily at the same time! I do believe in everything in moderation though - so no cutting anything out!

Phew! Theres my resolution rant for 2011! Now that its out there I will have more chance of sticking to it to!


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