Friday, 4 March 2011

Project Love: The Return of the Lost Sock

I love this project by Camille McMorrow and Bruno Zalum, students in Stefan Sagemeister's MFA design class at the School of Visual Arts, the brief being 'Can design touch the hearts of strangers?' This is what they say...

Bruno Zalum and Camille McMorrow interpreted the question with a wink, and decided to lighten the hearts of people in the midst of a truly dreadful experience: doing laundry! 
The gift that they distributed to New Yorkers in laundromats is a single sock, in a custom package silkscreened with hand-type and illustrations. The packaging tells a story of a washing machine named Gene who has been eating everyone’s socks all these years. He was hopelessly addicted to socks. After hitting rock bottom, the story goes that he made these gifts as amends for all the disappeared socks. Camille and Bruno then hit the streets in a Gene the Washing Machine costume they’d designed, distributing the packages to surprised and delighted city-dwellers.”

I love the brown card stock with the black and white, with the bright turquoise colour blocking! Stunning hand-drawn type and a really lovely concept make this a project that makes me smile! via Lovely Package.

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