Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Typeface Love: Sevigne

LOVE this typeface by You Work For Them. This is what they say about the gorgeous Sevigne...
Sevigne [sey-vee-nyey] is a highly refined, contemporary geometric sans, inspired by the ambience of high-end fashion and luxury. The inclusion of over 130 unique ligatures expand it's sensibility of alluring, well-balanced letterforms and distinctive style. Stylistically, as an all-caps typeface, Sevigne exudes a greater sense of harmony and polish due to it's unicase form where the interplay of a limited amount of characters is the focus. Subtle, considered details are found within individual letters, contrasted by the complex, intersecting forms that make up the various ligatures.
I love the thin, geometric sense to the typeface, and could definitely see myself using it as a display face or for branding exercises!

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