Friday, 22 July 2011

Project Love: Torche Packaging

I love the idea behind the packaging of Torche, designed by Geradot & Co. I love the idea of being aboe to use the bottle after the product has been consumed, as explained quite well on the Lovely Package site...

Torché is a sustainable wine that cares about the earth. So of course the box and bottle labels were designed to be printed on 100% post-consumer paper. But what really makes this wine unique is what you can do when the bottle is empty. Each bottle of wine includes hardware to create a mountable tiki torch for your back yard. Sustainability can be so cool.

This idea really “caught fire” (no pun intended) when we featured a blog post about how to make your own back yard tiki torch by repurposing empty wine bottles. Over 600,000 visitors + 2,000 Facebook “likes” + 42 tweets and countless retweets since the blog post originally debuted.

via Lovely Package

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