Friday, 27 April 2012

Project Love: The Collection

I love this project by Mind Design! The Collection is a restaurant, cultural and retail space that Mind collaborated with Tom Dixon, designing the identity, signage system and all the printed bits! From the website...
The idea for the identity relates to multiple prints, limited editions and artist signatures. The execution is relatively simple: Everything is based on an A5 format with punched holes. We used screen printing which allowed us to change colours on the printing bed and makes each print unique. Larger signs are made up by several A5 boards and the thickness is achieved by hanging several signs in front of each other. For the logo we asked the client to write the name in their own handwriting connecting two dots equivalent to the punched holes.
 Love the super bright colours, gold foil and the craft board combination. So many more images on their website! via designworklife.

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