Saturday, 3 November 2012

Project Love: Shropshire Council

London studio & Smith have been branding the town of Shrewsbury in a pretty amazing way! In their own words...
To create a brand that sums up what makes the town special and why people should visit it. The answer was 'The Original One-Off': a brand that showcases all the the town's one-offs, big (Darwin was born there) and small (you can get a great loaf of bread near the station). For the visual identity we created a 'one-off since…' stamp that local businesses could use to promote what they do. The black-and-white pattern, inspired by the town’s Tudor buildings, helps Shrewsbury stand out from the bright and breezy identities other towns and places use.
I love the use of the pattern throughout the different elements of the identity, and the little one-off stamp is such a nice idea! via Identity Designed.

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