Monday, 4 February 2013

Project Love: Woodsmithe Business Card

I love these business cards for Woodsmithe designed by Nina Hans. I love the process of the foil stamping on the textured Ebony Veneer! The overall effect is rather incredible! via FPO.


  1. Hi to every one..! I live in France, just close to Geneva /(Switzerland) and I would like to order such Business cards for my own...
    Where can I find those who make them...?
    Could someone give me a contact or website where I can have the info I need....?
    Tanks a lot for your replies.
    Florent Mariotto

    1. Hi Florent! I would head over to FPO and check out the details of the spec, then you can contact your local printer with that and see if they can achieve a result!


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