Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Project Love: Gomez

Well I'm definitely feeling drawn to this lovely blue colour at the moment (previously here). Gorgeous identity for Gomez - Friendly Neighbourhood Bar, designed by Savvy Studio. Love the wooden laser cut menu boards, the patterns created from the quirky illustrations and of course, that blue! Directly from the studio...
The creative concept behind this site is simple: classic scenic mix of a common pub with graphic elements and modern plastics, a sort of reconciliation between the traditional and the avant-garde. For language identification, we developed an iconography that reinforces language rather friendly and modern. An example of its application is the wallpaper that covers much of the interior, giving the place a pub classic sense, but with a psychedelic twist. These icons can also be found in elements such as the menu, advertising and signage space.
Via bpando.

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