Friday, 21 June 2013

Project Love: Foodology Branding

Lovely branding for Foodology, an 8000 sq ft restaurant situated in the midst of Singapore's financial district. A bit from the designers, Somewhere Else...
Based on the name, the identity treats Foodology as an institution for food and borrows different graphic elements from academia to create its own unique voice. The logo is designed like a seal with a "F" symbol and to express the fact that Foodology provides a wide selection of foods, the logotype comes in 6 different permutations with the "o"s replaced by different abstract symbols. To ensure that the identity system is flexible enough to accomomodate the different situations and broad spectrum of applications such a brand may encounter, an extensive set of illustrations and secondary graphics were also developed. These graphics allow the brand to be dynamic and show customers a multi-faceted, well rounded personality.
Love the bright blue tones and how well thought out the whole identity is. Also really enjoy the secondary palette of different patterns for the packaging! Via designworklife.


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