Friday, 26 July 2013

Typeface Love: Doctrine

Lovely refined stencil font, Doctrine, designed by Jonathon Abbott, Jonathan Barnbrook & Julian Moncada, published by Virus. Straight from the description...
A utilitarian display typeface with a muscular character, Doctrine Stencil is the revolutionary comrade of the text typeface Doctrine. From the obscure starting point of the North Korean national airline livery, Doctrine Stencil has grown to encompass a series of more mature typographic influences. By blending elements of twentieth-century neo-grotesque, humanist and geometric styles, Doctrine Stencil is at once universal and idiosyncratic. Doctrine Stencil is informed mid-twentieth-century modernism, yet is more human and less clinical than many modernist faces. The rounded, lighter weights speak with graceful composure whilst the large x-height, low contrast and squarer, heavier weights give Doctrine Stencil an affable charm and a persuasive voice. Including a vast array of ligatures and alternate characters in five weights ranging from thin to black, Doctrine Stencil is capable of handling a multitude of testing typographical situation
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