Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Project Love: Halftone Satisfaction Business Cards

Love this project by Sagmeister and Walsh. Love the use of simple black and white dots combined with witty messaging!
Halftone Satisfaction" is a collection of cards designed by Sagmeister & Walsh for The Luxe Project by The Luxe Project is an initiative that teams brilliant creatives with Luxe Business Cards by MOO -- and helps good causes as well. Each new designer’s collection is showcased for a month, and 100% of net proceeds from sales of that collection during that timeframe will go to the designer's charity of choice. The proceeds from sales of "Halftone Satisfaction" will go to New York's Coalition for the Homeless.
Halftone Satisfaction' is a limited edition collection consisting of seven sets of seven cards with messages designed to elicit a reaction and certainly stimulate dialog. The collection's name depicts both the messages on the fronts of the cards and the indentifying build from solid white, through black dots, to solid black on the backs of the cards. The lighter the back of the card, the brighter the sentiment; 'It’s a delight to be around someone who loves what they do.' The more black on the back, the darker the message; 'You have too many mouths and not enough ears.
Found via FPO.

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