Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The relationship between Art, Pop Culture and Graphic Design

Art incorporates such a wide spectrum of subjects - from the traditional painting, sculpture and drawing, to the ever evolving fashion, performance and music, it is easy to see how fine art influences pop culture and to an extent, graphic design and art direction. When you take a wander through the streets of a city, the influences of art are visible everywhere, and some may pick up on this wonderful correlation, and some may not. Saatchi online helps to bring the art influence to every day life, and is an amazing way to find original art at affordable prices.

I could spend hours browsing the beautiful works of art from Saatchi (and filling up my basket with so many pieces!) But I absolutely love these pieces that are all about the bright colours and patterns. It is really interesting to explore how even if they aren't directly related, the visual relationship between fine art, pop culture and graphic design.

Left: Thomas HammerPurple Sea, United States. Right: Wild Soul iPhone case and Sunset Storm iPhone case, via Society6, by Amy Sia.
Left: Summer Colour IISandy Dooley, United Kingdom. Right Top: Amazing Face, by Zoe Foster, cover designed by Alison Colpoys. Right Bottom: Bonnard Branding, Anagrama Studio. 
Left: Gradient 05Noir Blanc, Japan. Right: Hex Rave by Polish me Silly, as shown by etcllymlrs

Left: SolidoLaura Quesada, Argentina. Right: Uzuri Makeup Packaging, Chloe Galea. 

Art is a wonderful form of self expression - in whichever way we choose to show it.

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