Friday, 18 April 2014

Project Love: One of Twelve

Another beautiful project by Anagrama, for One of Twelve. Straight from the designers...
One of Twelve is a brand of products that showcase art from emerging and established artists in Australia, focusing particularly on Aboriginal design. The products include high-quality silk scarves, notebooks, ceramics, cushion covers and sketchbooks, but they will always be evolving, adding new artists, designs and products to keep the brand fresh and up to date. Our design proposal draws inspiration from the use of lines, dots and colors found in traditional Aboriginal art. The logotype is a simple alphanumeric play of words and numbers that ties in perfectly with the system of dots. There are 12 dots in total for every piece of stationery, but only one out of the twelve is bright orange.
I love the black on grey printing, spot glosses and bright neons that really bring this project to life!


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