Friday, 30 January 2015

Project Love: Forcado

Loving this identity for Forcado, a gorgeous little Portuguese pastry shop + tea room + deli in Brussels Belgium. Designed by Codefrisko, here's what they have to say about the brand creation...
The custom logo font was conceived with the help of stamps to express authenticity, the human touch and to suggest artisanal craftsmanship, pleasure, and savoir-faire… To complete the logo, a monogram, also handmade, was realized by way of signature. This monogram becomes a motif, calling to mind decorative Azulejo, traditional Portuguese painted ceramic tiles. The range of colors includes royal blue, evoking the Portuguese sky, Azulejo, the ocean… and cinnamon orange suggesting pastries, sugar, the gourmet aspect, and homemade goodness. The lozenge that frames the name is a nod to the paper napkins on which pastei?s (Portuguese tartlets) are traditionally served. As for the small, flecked decorative markings, they call to mind the powdered cinnamon sprinkled on the pastei?s. The lozenge also suggests flags or old store signs that can still be found in Portugal.


  1. It's not a pastry shop in portugal but a portuguese pastry shop + tea room + deli in Brussels Belgium


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