Thursday, 3 December 2015

Project Love: Neenah Environment 'Everybody's Business' Direct Mail

Neenah’s new Everybody’s Business promotion combines the power of direct mail, touch and sustainable messaging to create an interactive and educational promotion. The perfect bound book, and its creatively designed direct mail inserts, are all produced on a variety of Neenah ENVIRONMENT® Papers.
 “The USPS recently reported that 93% of online responses are driven by direct mail — it’s clear that this remains an extremely effective marketing medium,” said Kathy Kemps, Senior Brand Manager, Neenah. “And we have research telling us that touch and texture lead to high levels of brand connection and recall. Then we see that 65% of paper consumed in the US last year was recovered for recycling. What this means is that you can create a beautiful, memorable message that drive results while staying true to the environment.”
Loving all the beautiful processes used in this book to create beautiful strong visuals and even better textures. I'm firmly on team paper, really glad Neenah have pushed the boundaries of direct mail to come up with this beautiful piece!

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