Monday, 18 January 2016

Project Love: The Golden Camera 2015

Beautiful new invitation from The Golden Camera, inviting guests to help celebrate their 50-year anniversary awards. Gorgeous blind embossed, hot foil stamped, and soft gold coating, making an absolutely stunning invite! Designed by Paperlux. via FPO. Last years invite here.


  1. Breathtaking! I love how some of the golden lines stop at the raised parts of the design. This type of beautiful work reminds me of a blog I follow called "The Blog of Mr. Cup" (which I think you should check out!):
    The Blog of Mr. Cup

    1. I know, the embossing is seriously well done!
      Ah, I follow that blog also, such a beautifully curated collection!

    2. That's cool you follow Mr. Cup blog, too! These types of beautiful complex embossing and unique printing options especially gold are something I'm jealous of not being able to do at work. So all I can do is admire them online! I'm a graphic designer working at a printing company that has its limits on what I can and cannot do with what we already have. Sometimes that's a challenge. :)

    3. Ah yes I know those challenges also! Although I find those projects very interesting, lack of print budget, and how we as designers can push the boundaries!


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