Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Project Love: Jordan Training Typeface

Loving this typeface designed by Manual for Jordan Training by Nike. As below...
Earlier in 2015, Nike launched Jordan Training as part of the larger Jordan Brand. Jordan Training is a collection of products designed to help athletes beat the elements, making training possible anytime, anywhere. Manual was tasked with designing a custom typeface for the sub-brand, that felt elegant and refined, yet still embodied the core values of the Jordan Brand. Using the brand’s own typeface, Jordan Druk as a starting point, we created a thin monoline display typeface designed specifically to be used at a large scale over imagery. We wanted the typeface to look delicate and polished, but with a sense of movement and fluidity. We found ways within the letter forms to create a sense of twisting, movement and energy in the typography. We designed the custom typeface, then worked closely with Commercial Type, the original designers of Jordan Druk, to develop the full character set.

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