Monday, 4 April 2016

Project Love: Unit Editions - Graphic Stamps

Lovely exploration of stamps from around the world in the latest Unit Editions.
The Archive Series is a bibliographic celebration of graphic design archives and collections. The first title in the new series is devoted to the design of postage stamps. Sourced from the collections of stamp design experts Iain Follett and Blair Thomson, the book celebrates the brilliance of postage stamp design from around the world.
Postage stamps are the forgotten gems of graphic design. This is odd when you contemplate the high levels of aesthetic and technical qualities required to produce graphics for a tiny scrap of paper with perforated edges.  
In the view of David Gentleman – one of the world’s great stamp designers – designing for a miniature format forces artists and designers to be ‘extremely selective and to be ruthless in cutting out the essentials.’ The work in this book is a powerful exemplar of Gentleman’s theory: intensity and clarity are exhibited on every page.
Pick up the beautiful book here.

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