Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Project Love: Souvenirs from 1976

Loving this installation work from lg2 boutique, for the exhibition Souvenirs from 1976, currently open to the public, marking the 40th anniversary of the Montreal Olympic Games.

The mandate included the space layout and the design of all the stations as well as archival research to define the exhibition’s narrative framework. Seven stations, each with a unique theme, were created and installed along a circuit that invites the visitor to discover this defining moment of Montreal's history.
 “This exhibition represented a unique opportunity to express the Olympic Park’s new image within a physical space. We imagined how these pieces of our Olympic past could cohabit the space in a way that was harmonious and consistent. The design, projections, signage are all elements of the experience that act as a sort of guide,” explains Hélène Fortin, architect, at lg2boutique.
Love the retro graphic style, typography and colour palette,  such a great space!

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