Friday, 21 October 2016

Project Love: The Barre

Nice branding for The Barre, designed by Pop & Pac. Love the type styling and the patterns throughout.
The Barre is The Art Centre Melbourne's 'star' bar. We created the name and identity. We also art directed the campaign and food photography working with the renowned photographer Earl Carter.

The name Barre derives from the ballet apparatus, a symbol of perfect balance and is a reference to the ballet dancer spire that has sat atop the building for decades. 
The performing arts are a multi-sensory experience. A fleeting performance may even feel like an illusion or mirage. Like the fine mesh textures of a ballerina’s tutu, the performance is enveloped within a sense of mystery and allure. There is first a physical interpretation of the arts, or in the case of The Barre, a dining experience — but more significantly, this is followed by an emotional response on the part of the audience. Our design takes viewers on a journey of intrigue and wonderment, whilst always leaving a little to the imagination.

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