Monday, 14 November 2016

WATCH: 26 briefs in 26 hours

WOW. On November 15-16 2016, New York-based studio HAWRAF attempts to demystify the creative process through 26 briefs as part of a 26-hour livestreamed event. Watch here.
The concept of the 'creative process' has become something of a commodity, as design agencies and studios boast patented and protected processes for ideation and inspiration. Corporations can pay to have their teams participate in a Branded Brainstorm ExperienceTM and attend expensive conferences or if you’re lucky you seize the opportunity of an unpaid internship to glean this exclusive knowledge. A-Z is an attempt to demystify the creative process. As a new studio, we don't have an established process. In an attempt to create one, we’ll respond to 26 briefs over 26 hours, constrained by budget and time — documenting and livestreaming it all, so anyone, anywhere can follow along. 
By evaluating what worked and what didn’t, we hope to arrive at a set of best practices and processes to apply to our work as a studio moving forward. Part of our studio practice is making work where we learn in the public space. It’s part of an initiative we're doing to make the creative industry a little more accessible. We do this through projects where we share information, experiences, knowledge, mistakes, successes, failures, and processes in public space. We’re calling that initiative Creative Accessibility.
Be sure to watch along, so intrigued to see what comes out of this experiment!

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