Friday, 9 December 2016

Project Love: Boreale

Nice brand and packaging overhaul for Les Brasseurs du Nord by lg2boutique, for their Boréale range.
The image update is inspired by its new positioning, "Celebrate life naturally", a nod to Boréale's legacy, its authenticity, the call of the wild, the thirst for freedom and the rejection of the superficial. "Boréale's unfocused positioning required some in-depth analysis. Our goal was to rise above the crowd and reclaim our prized place within the Quebec beer industry. In a context where clients are faced with an enormous amount of choice, we wanted to connect with younger consumers who didn't know Boréale in its heyday and didn't grow up with the brand," explains Érika Godbout, director of marketing and communications for Les Brasseurs du Nord. "We needed to wake up the sleeping bear who was thirsting for innovation," continues Godbout.
I think the results are really clear looking at those comparisons in logo and packaging, modern, clean and a real revival. Nice colours and applications throughout.

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