Thursday, 8 December 2016

Project Love: Great Britain in Colour

Great Britain in colour is a beautifully illustrated journey through the British Isles by one of the country's top illustrators. Acclaimed illustrator, graphic designer and print-maker, Paul Farrell takes us on a journey through Great Britain that will change the way we think about it forever.
Encompassing its countryside, landmarks, and architecture, from the Highlands of Scotland, to the White Cliffs of Dover, his beautiful and bold images are vibrant, playful and iconic. By taking a less-travelled path through our history and landscape, he also invites us to re-think what makes something quintessentially British, showing us new ways of looking at the familiar and uncovering hidden gems. What he reveals is a country rich in tradition, beauty and steeped in history, yet also vivid and alive with energy, all celebrated here in brilliant colour.
Check out the book here!

I love the colours and patterns used in the illustrations, not only throughout the book illustrations, but the work on his portfolio site.

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