Friday, 27 January 2017

Project Love: Carpenters Wharf

Loving the organic nature of the branding and collateral for Carpenters Wharf, designed by Jack Renwick Studio.
We created the name, visual identity and launch marketing for Carpenters Wharf, a canal-side residential development by Anderson in Fish Island, Hackney Wick.  
The brand aims to capture the aesthetic of the building’s architecture, while reflecting the spirit of Fish Island — a place with a rich industrial history and now home to one of London’s most vibrant creative communities, where many of the old factories and warehouses have been repurposed into thriving bars, breweries, restaurants, galleries and workspaces.  
After researching the local area, we discovered that for fifty years the site was home to luxury furniture maker A. Younger, who shipped timber down the canals to use in their designs. This was the inspiration for the name and visual identity.
Via Identity Designed.

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