Monday, 30 January 2017

Project Love: Common Lot

Lovely branding for Common Lot, designed by Perky Bros.
Common Lot is the first restaurant from Chef Ehren Ryan. Anointed the black sheep of his family, the restaurant draws upon Ehren’s globally diverse culinary background and free spirit. Its design places emphasis on the communal dining experience, including an open kitchen and shared tables. It’s elegant but unpretentious; comfortable but handsome—it’s a place for family and friends to gather and share great food and conversation. 
If you meet the Ryan’s, it’s clear that they are equal part serious about food and jocular about life. The design is inspired by this, utilizing the idea of common pasture, wayward sheep and shared plates, playfully moving the common, equal spaced O’s in the logotype and abstracted sheep illustrations about the natural printed materials. It’s unpredictable and at times rough around the edges, but always intentional and thoughtful—just like its host.

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