Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Project Love: MACUNAÍMA

Love this book design, Macunaima: A new flaming iconicity for a classic Brazilian novel. Designed by Casa Rex, I love the bright colours and the unusual paper layouts, paired with strong typography and interactivity of the layouts. You can pick up a copy here
By invitation of the publishing house Ateliê Editorial, Gustavo Piqueira creates a commemorative special edition of Brazil’s iconic novel Macunaíma. 
From 1928, the book is a literary mark of Brazilian modernism, narrating the journey of an anti-hero that is, at one point or another, of all founding Brazilian races, in a rhapsodic tale that draws from national folklore, modern reflections and a good dose of irony to create an unparalleled image of Brazil’s national identity. Quoted time and time again, the work was even adapted to a motion picture, gaining an important place as a true icon of Brazilian culture.

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