Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Project Love: Guima Café

Nice lo-fi branding project for Guima Café, designed by Guayabo – a Brazilian design studio fundamentally based in co-working experience and in skill sharing. Through collaborative processes, the studio develops unique comercial and personal projects made specially by designers, illustrators and graphic artists.
In the late 2015, the advertising agency Tom Comunicação invited us to illustrate the packages of Guima Café, a Brazilian coffee brand. The Guima's farms are located in the Cerrado Mineiro – a vast tropical savana in the middle east of the country. For so, besides coffee itself (its leaves, fruits and flowers), we were also inspired by Cerrado fauna and flora. The illustrations below were made by Esther Azevedo, Luis Matuto and Rachel Leão. Each one of these artists experimented different materials, techniques and languages, such as pen and ink, handmade embroidery, monoprinting, stenciling, and so forth.
All of those incredible patterns and textures! I would love to see where this goes next.

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