Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Project Love: Rocket de Laval

Nice branding and uniform design for Rocket de Laval, designed by lg2 boutique.

Fuelled by the richest history in professional sports, the Montreal Canadiens hockey club mandated lg2 to create a brand new identity for the Rocket de Laval, the club’s American Hockey League farm team. This new brand identity, tailored to a new generation of fans, creates a bridge between the past and future, making the Rocket de Laval a contemporary brand that is instantly timeless. A solid “R” with an interior stroke and sharp serifs – alluding to The Rocket’s explosive speed – now forms the primary logo and is proudly featured on the front of the team’s jerseys.

“The biggest challenge from a design standpoint was how we were going to successfully integrate into an existing canvas without simply becoming a copy of it. So we developed distinctive elements that make the Rocket de Laval its own brand. We managed to strike the right balance by using the mother brand’s graphic code – the classic tricolour palette and band that recall the Canadiens jerseys – mixed with new visual elements such as a custom typography and alternative logos on the sleeves,” explains Claude Auchu, Partner, Vice-President, Creative Director, Design, at lg2. The logo’s vertical type also pushes skyward like a rocket. Secondary elements can be found on the sleeves: a brand shield and the legendary #9 propelled by a graphic flame.

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