Friday, 19 May 2017

Distrito Boca Signage

Nice signage for Distrito Boca designed by Bala.
We created signage and wayfinding for 5 km of public space in Veracruz, Mexico. Until that moment known as “malecón” (pier) of Boca del Río, now takes part of the large scale urban renovation project which aims to promote social and economic activity in the area. The plan includes the renovation of public space, optimization of urban furniture, the inclusion of signage and wayfinding system, and the construction of Foro Boca. Recognized designers and architects like Ariel Rojo and Michel Rojkind are involved in the project’s development. 
Bala collaborated creating the signage and wayfinding system, the brand identity system and the naming, Distrito Boca, which has the purpose of promoting recognition of the project as an area of cultural and social activity, boosting tourism on both, local and global levels. 
The graphic brand alludes to the idea of the continuous flow of people within Distrito Boca, triangles in opposite directions express a metaphor of the conceptual core of the project: to give the users the feeling of freedom in the area. 
The economy of means in the messages, the functionality of the typographic, pictographic and chromatic signs, the adequate effects of the signs' readability and how the pieces and its resistance relate to the surrounding environment, generated a practical, clear and emblematic solution for the signage project. 
Since the recovery and revitalization of the area, Distrito Boca has had a huge public activity. Today we are proud to present this project and wish to continue finding ways to create new public spaces. 
Project and urban furniture: Ariel RojoPhotography: Pablo Navajas

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