Thursday, 15 June 2017

Buoy Brand Identity by Pencil Worx

Nice branding and strategy for Buoy, designed by Pencil Worx in collaboration with Sparkfire.
These days, when most Americans get sick, they Google their symptoms. But the answers they get often leave them overwhelmed, confused, and incorrectly self-diagnosing. Buoy, an AI-based app that can diagnose you without a trip to the doctor, aims to fix all that. 
In just a few minutes of questioning that resembles a conversation with your doctor, Buoy gains a detailed understanding of your issue. It then offers a potential diagnosis and suggests the steps you should take next. 
Buoy was founded in 2014, by Dr. Andrew Le, a Harvard Medical School student, and was further developed over the next few years at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory. Buoy currently has nine full-time employees and has raised $3 million from angel investors. The free tool is now available online and in app stores. 
Design: Buoy aims to better the health of every person in the world. Though the app is driven by highly advanced analytics and technology, the customer experience feels deeply human. This design achievement is what allows Buoy to provide everyone, everywhere access to the medical guidance they need in a way that feels safe and supportive. The logotype is friendly, with rounded letter forms that bounce and roll as a buoy might in the sea. The supporting visual system, largely driven by free-flowing continuous line drawings, serve to carry each user confidently on the journey to better health.

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