Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Custom Notebooks and Risograph prints by Emma Fisher and Special Edition Co.

Beautiful collaboration between Special Edition Co. and Emma Fisher. Love the colours!
London graphic designer/illustrator Emma Fisher and Kansas City based creative collective Special Edition Co. recently collaborated on a series of work displaying the intersection of their aesthetics. Special Edition Co. designed several playful compositions which Emma Fisher then edited and manipulated with her signature color palette and print inspired color overlay style. 
Using these new compositions, they created two custom printed notebooks and a three color A3 Risograph print (printed by RISOTTO).

Emma Fisher is a graphic designer and illustrator living in London. She has a passion for print and uses the practice of screen print to translate her digital work to paper and home textures.  
Special Edition Co. is a Kansas City based creative collective comprised of two designers – Sam Small and Trent Roach. Their mission is to collaborate on innovative and experimental projects with creative thinkers internationally and create ‘special’ experiences for their clients.

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