Thursday, 1 June 2017

Despensa N6 Branding by Savvy Agency

Nice branding for Despensa N6 Bakery, designed by Savvy Agency.
Despensa N6 is a healthy pastry. Their products are 100% gluten free, 100% sugar free, and mostly of biological origin and lactose free.  
Our branding proposal is inspired by the nutritional tables, which symbolizes the transparency of the product to the consumer. We created a pattern system inspired by sliced cakes, their layers, and also by the diversity of products that can be found in Despensa N6. The green colour symbolizes the authenticity of the ingredients used and the making of the products in their most natural state. Brown brings us to the richness of the flavours while the copper finishes lead us to the tone of freshly baked cakes. Our proposal offers the brand a simple, elegant and unique system that adapts to the honesty of its products, giving it an attractive and cozy feeling.

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