Monday, 19 June 2017

London Grammar + Tony Kaye + Planning Unit

Love these videos for London Grammar's latest release, by Planning Unit and Tony Kaye.
Planning Unit have once again teamed up with Tony Kaye to create graphics for two new videos for London Grammar’s latest release, ‘Oh Woman, Oh Man’. 
Two videos were released, one for ‘Oh Woman’, and one for ‘Oh Man’ each with their own separate representation. 
Planning Unit worked with Kaye to come up with themes and set designs for the video, the outcome this creative process was to use a large space to create an audio and visual experience in which the videos could be made. 
Three huge canvases were made, each one painted red, green and blue. Planning Unit then created over 200 RGB graphic slides, some of which feature band member Hannah Reid’s own artworks. The graphics were projected on to the canvases causing unexpected effects because of the colour clash. The overall effect was a set bathed in colour and imagery.

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