Thursday, 29 June 2017

Octopuss Branding by Glasyr

Love the typography in the work for Octopuss by Glasyr.
Octopuss is a newly established film company, led by directors with (in total) over 90 years of film experience. Octopuss focuses on collaborating and creating quality productions,offering each individual project their collective creativity. Part of Octopuss’ concept is to give a part of their profit to different projects that benefits clean water.  
Octopuss asked Glasyr to lead the creative and strategic process of developing a visual identity and website for the company, reflecting the aesthetics of their films. The goal of the design work was to dazzle the audience by creating an identity that stood out, and had international high standard.  
An ocean of creativity. Glasyr created a bold yet subtle visual identity with a dynamic logo, inspired by the mystery of the dark ocean and the otherworldly octopus.

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