Friday, 16 June 2017

Olympic Park Advertising Platform by lg2 boutique

Gorgeous colours and papercuts in the promo work for the Olympic Park in Montreal, designed by lg2 boutique.
The Olympic Park has adopted a new advertising platform, created in collaboration with lg2, in order to raise the image of this unique site, visited heavily by both tourists and people from the area who use it as a community space. 
“The Park’s historic greatness and vintage identity inspired our artisanal direction and use of a handmade process,” explained Mr. Claude Auchu, Partner, Chairman of the Board and Head of Design, at lg2. 
“The new platform will add elegance and creativity to the Park’s facilities for the next three years. It will communicate all the Park’s upcoming activities, such as the open-air OSM concert, various shows at the Stadium and Montreal Impact games. For me, it strengthens the ties between the Park and the city’s citizens and restores a sense of local pride while piquing the curiosity and attracting tourists to a historic Montreal landmark,” explained Mr. Alain Larochelle, Marketing Manager, at the Olympic Park. In addition to a dozen posters, animations were created, which will be shown mainly on the Web and occasionally on several other communication platforms throughout the year. 
Technically, the process involved cutting out 80 vector shapes from 1/16 in. thick cardboard, applying 4 layers of paint and then waiting 8 hours for it to dry. The shapes were then used to produce the 12 posters. No glue or string was employed. The desired perspective and texture were achieved entirely through the use of stacked coins. 
In 2013, lg2 also reworked the Olympic Park’s repositioning, from its brand platform to communication tools. lg2 furthermore rethought its physical spaces and worked on different projects showcasing legendary moments that the iconic site has played host to (both the 1976 Olympic Games and the 40th anniversary exhibits). The work produced for these projects has been honoured both at home and internationally.

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