Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rocket Brand Identity and Website by Here Design

Beautiful brand identity and website for Rocket, designed by Here Design.
We designed the new brand identity for leading family-run caterers, Rocket. Once a small company that carried out other people’s plans, Rocket is now a multifaceted enterprise originating exceptionally creative ideas and realising beautiful culinary worlds in partnership with some of the country’s most prestigious institutions and brands. Our designs needed to match this bold new vision.

The result of our work is a strong design based on a re-imagining of the rocket leaf symbol that featured in the previous identity. With the logo, the bolder, larger, more present rocket leaf is locked up with statements about the company’s origins and its location, giving the overall feel a classical, established texture.

The single rocket leaf in the logo is then used more broadly throughout in a pattern of multiple rocket leaves that hint at camouflage, reflecting our idea that Rocket truly become their client when they are in charge of their event. The colour palette is vibrant and stylish, reflecting the drama and imagination of their events, with gold foil used principally in the logo and for other important applications.

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