Friday, 30 June 2017

Y7 Studio branding by The Collected Works

Really appreciating the unusual approach to the branding of Y7 Studio (a yoga studio) by The Collected Works.
Y7 is a yoga studio unlike any other. Their approach ditches a lot of the cliches that are associated with the practice, and replaces them with a hint of street culture. This unique mix of candlelit hot yoga and hip-hop, rap, and r&b music has made it one of the most popular destinations for New York & LA Yogis.  
As an homage to the visual language created by Pen and Pixel Graphics in the late 90’s, we collaborated with them on the design of a new line of t-shirts and promotional materials. The collages are a representation of what goes on inside the mind of a yogi, in the middle of an an intense flow workout. This includes everything from animal poses, mythical landscapes, and a whole lot of bling.

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