Monday, 10 July 2017

Fox Crime Italy Motion Graphics by Inland Studio

Nice piece of motion graphics for Fox Crime Italy designed by Inland Studio. Check out the reel here.
Inland Studio had the honor of developing the Fox Crime rebranding for Italy. The animation and design studio was chosen by the international network with the purpose of reaching a new and modern aesthetic for the channel.

The rebranding proposal seeks to avoid the common places and adapts itself to a new way of understanding the concept of crime. The concept that guided the project was the deconstruction. Inland created an organic and complex system of dots and lines using 3d techniques, starting from the glitch and enhancing its reach by designing a powerful graphic language

The project itself has more than 120 editable templates in different tones. The color palette that was used works with shades of black, red, blue and white. Animated pieces were generated with each color so that the channel has a greater adaptability of branding to its contents. The Fox Crime universe is embodied in versatile atmospheres that go from the darkness of the dramatic genre to the intensity and vertigo of the red tones and finally, to the classification status in a more luminous system.

After the release in Italy, the network sold the visual development devised by Inland Studio to other countries in Europe.

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