Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Hugo's Bistro by Hannah Design

Nice colours in the branding for Hugo's Bistro, designed by Hannah Design.
A new offering from the folks behind Odettes (another eatery that we worked with), Hugo’s is a cozy but sumptuous space with a interior fit-out all about tactility and understated luxury. The design challenge here was to mark out a clear identity for Hugo’s, while still maintaining a subtle connection to its “big sister” restaurant. 
The elongated typeface used in the logo design looks to emulate the long shape of the bistro, with all edges curved to further mirror the curvilinear form of the furniture and space. A sans serif font was also employed to lightly tie the design back to Odettes. The name “Hugo’s” itself is made hero of the design; towering vertically above “bistro” with the intention to have it stand alone where needed. 
The menu design too calls subtly back to Odettes – folding out to the height of an A3 but with a long and slender shape to recall the Hugo’s space. Sans serif typefaces continue throughout, and a palette of forest green, blush, brass and grey reflects the lush colours of the bistro’s interior.

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