Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Changer Brand Identity by MakeBardo

Nice branding for The Changer designed by MakeBardo.
For the visual identity we’ve used the resource of a a ‘torn paper’ to follow the previous concepts such as ‘Discovering new flavours with the mixed’. We’ve created the sensation and experience of tearing the layers to discover something new and precious. To emphasise this idea, we used copper foil. 
We’ve achieved a unique design and well-defined graphics with a visual texture. Uncoated / Textured papers with a wonderful touch of copper foil and an embossing finishing lends the brand to distinction, impact and a crafted quality to the identity that reflects a personal approach to the brand. On the applications we’ve played with the pattern to give a fresh and flexible look to the brand. We believe that we are telling a strong story with this brand identity. 
Some ideas: — If you break it you’ll find an original flavour. — You will build a new thing. — You will be a creator — You will make a change, you will become The Changer.

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