Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Island of the Colorblind Book Design by Tim Bisschop

Nice editorial layouts in the book design by The Island of the Colorblind (by Sanne de Wilde), designed by Tim Bisschop.
A book about Sanne De Wilde’s new project The Island of the Colorblind. The book includes black-and-white photos, infrared photos, and photo-paintings. 
Sanne De Wilde (Belgium photographer) traveled to the Pingelap and Pohnpei islands in Micronesia to photograph the large number of inhabitants who suffer from the rare genetic condition achromatopsia or ‘complete color-blindness’. Achromatopsia is characterized by extreme light sensitivity and the inability to distinguish color. Daylight is often too bright to handle, so the world becomes more clearly illuminated by moonlight. By implementing black and white, infrared, and achromatic picture-paintings techniques, de Wilde attempts to see her subjects how they see the world: through the lens of achromatopsia. 
The book cover is UV sensitive, changing from white to blue in the sunlight. Portraits are printed on silvery grey papers. Images evoking other senses, such as touch and taste, are presented on tracing paper, creating a curiously layered effect.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Divan Gorzny Branding and Illustration by Dmytro Khrunevych

Nice use of illustration and found materials in the branding and collateral for Divan Gorzny, by Dmytro Khrunevych.
Divan Grozny is a company engaged in repair and refinishing of centuries-old furniture. The style combines several ideas. The wood is a basic material and an embodiment of longevity, while the brand defines the pattern and the main character (company name is consonant with Ivan Grozny, known as Ivan the Terrible, a historical figure; ‘divan’ stands for ‘sofa’) The logo contains non-obvious elements, zodiac signs. 
The thing is that the throne (or let us call it ‘divan’) of Ivan Grozny is embellished with zodiac signs and a horoscope. Zodiac signs arranged clockwise symbolize backflow of time, returning furniture to its pristine look. Luminofor and thermochromic inks help to emphasize this conception in a number of cases.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Woodland Wine Merchant Brand Identity by Perky Bros

Loving the branding for Woodland Wine Merchant designed by Perky Bros.
Woodland Wine Merchant is a tidy and eclectic wine store in Nashville, Tennessee. They carefully curate wines from artisan producers who practice natural & sustainable methods. The brand identity’s design collides two worlds—nature and the building’s unadorned 1960s modern qualities.  
The shop tirelessly hunts and gathers the best value wines in the world, ultimately bringing them back home. Our design is inspired by this, positioning Tennessee’s red fox as a symbol for the brand. The type is kept stark and utilitarian with subtle quirks referencing gridless mid-century layouts.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Suavina Packaging by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Beautiful packaging for Suavina, designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos.
The design reflects a classic product imagery, following the main brief requirement. The packaging design of the lip cream container is a redesign, a updated version of the container they have been using for many years. The surface has been curved and the edges has been rounded to bring the smoothness effect that this type of product requires. The lid shows the brand, which was redesigned from the original brand. It also includes the word “demo”, and the date of foundation of the brand: 1880. The design solution itself seeks to convey both tradition and modernity through elements such a classic typographic composition, Sans Serif fonts, and debossed letters.
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