Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Cublox Brand Identity by Maisie MacDonald

Nice simple, clean, effective brand identity for Cublox designed by Maisie MacDonald.
CUBLOX is a physical stacking game aiming to bring people together through it’s simple and fun game dynamics. The playful simplicity of the game is shown through the boldly contrasted colour palette we chose to build the rebrand upon. The flat illustrative style was a design decision aiming to show the simplicity of the game.

For the initial launch campaign we decided to utilise the integral purpose of the game (connecting players) and contrast it against the sometimes lonesome feelings that come along with more modern, digitised gaming. This concept was used in a playful manner throughout the game trailer series, but we wanted to assure the users that Cublox is about moving forward in the gaming genre and used the tagline ‘the world used to be flat, now it’s cube’.

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