Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Divan Gorzny Branding and Illustration by Dmytro Khrunevych

Nice use of illustration and found materials in the branding and collateral for Divan Gorzny, by Dmytro Khrunevych.
Divan Grozny is a company engaged in repair and refinishing of centuries-old furniture. The style combines several ideas. The wood is a basic material and an embodiment of longevity, while the brand defines the pattern and the main character (company name is consonant with Ivan Grozny, known as Ivan the Terrible, a historical figure; ‘divan’ stands for ‘sofa’) The logo contains non-obvious elements, zodiac signs. 
The thing is that the throne (or let us call it ‘divan’) of Ivan Grozny is embellished with zodiac signs and a horoscope. Zodiac signs arranged clockwise symbolize backflow of time, returning furniture to its pristine look. Luminofor and thermochromic inks help to emphasize this conception in a number of cases.

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