Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Old Spike Coffee Brand Identity and Packaging by Commission Studio

Incredible emboss in the branding and packaging for Old Spike Coffee designed by Commission Studio.
A new identity for Old Spike; a specialist coffee company based in South East London, operating as a roastery, cafe and social enterprise helping homeless people. 
The speciality coffee sector is a crowded marketplace with a distinct visual language that is rapidly becoming staid. With Old Spike's desire to separate the retail side of the business from the social enterprise, Commission seized the opportunity to twist the functional and familiar into something new and memorable. The challenge for the brand was to feel wholesome and artisanal, whilst adding something new, striking, and premium.
The newly developed brand mark - a broken rock - was borne from a simple backstory: the roastery sits on the site of an old workhouse, often called a 'spike' as workers would break rocks over metal spikes in exchange for food and board.  
The broken rock and bold type form a raw and unforgiving brandmark, softened by luxurious print finishing to appeal to a discerning customer. The mark is foiled in a 3D sculpted emboss on the face of slim coffee bags inspired by boutique retail bags. A few simple creases allow the bag to either stand upright for on-shelf display or fold almost flat, the base popping outwards, for delivering subscriptions cost-effectively by post.  
A range of retail coffee bags were created for the roaster alongside wholesale packaging, a suite of stationery, signage and a ripstop retail tote.

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