Monday, 2 October 2017

Boréale Artisan Series Packaging by lg2

Love the packaging transformation for Boréale Artisan Series designed by lg2. Great to see the before and after!
To be more closely in step with the different behaviours of today’s beer drinkers, Boréale, in collaboration with lg2, has introduced a new product line called the Artisan series, made up of more niche beers. This line complements the Classic series, whose look was also refreshed in September 2016.  
The Artisan series targets a segment of consumers wishing to discover new, bolder beers.
The Artisan series is comprised of both beers already under the Boréale banner and brand new creations: Scotch Ale du Nord, Pilsner des mers, ISA des chutes, Double Blanche du lac and Saison des plages – each with its own distinct name and visual identity. The challenge was to create a different personality for each product while ensuring they were congruent with the Boréale universe.

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