Friday, 24 February 2017

Project Love: Mindful Chef

Nice identity and packaging for Mindful Chef, designed by Ragged Edge. Love the pattern work to create visual texture, and the kraft paper paired with bright colours.
Our brief
Mindful Chef is an ambitious start-up offering meal kits that help people follow a lean and healthy lifestyle. The fresh meal kit market is crowded, competitive and commoditised. Our job was to define and create a brand that would attract the attention of busy people everywhere.  
Brand strategy
We spoke to lots of potential consumers – from city boys to creative entrepreneurs – and no-one wanted to compromise. Why should a healthy, mindful lifestyle have to come at the expense living life to the full? This insight helped us define Mindful Chef’s purpose: to make healthy living easy, empowering busy people to work and play as hard as they liked. We called this Modern Mindfulness.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Project Love: Mateja Kovač

Absolutely love this packaging and identity for Mateja Kovač, designed by Mireldy.
Mateja Kovač is a successful Croatian illustrator and academic painter who has been present on the local and global scene for years. 
Mateja asked us to create a new visual identity and design for the promotional materials of her brand. We found inspiration for her new visual identity in her gestural strokes and the playful color palette which Mateja uses as a starting point in her creative work. 
With that we emphasize spontaneity and lightness, as well as refined taste in colors and shapes, by which the illustrator attracts us into her intimate world influenced by simple, day-to-day moments.
I love the colours and textures used throughout the collateral, and the colour palette, so beautiful and bold!

via Identity Designed.

Project Love: Noun Project - Print All Over Me

I love when graphic elements such as patterns just really work on textiles. The collaboration between Print All Over Me and Noun Project is a great example of this! Check out their website for a load of other beautiful textiles.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Project Love: Sofisticada

Gorgeous packaging and identity work for Sofisticada, designed by Robinsson Cravents.
Sofisticada is a skin care brand that translates literally to “sophisticated,” and it certainly lives up to its name. The products are "Locking the skin time,” targeting customers who are concerned with anti-aging products or who want to keep their skin looking and feeling young. Robinsson Cravents developed the identity and packaging for Sofisticada, creating something youthful and radiant. 
Sofisticada features a clean design that does a wonderful job of eliciting certain feelings from the consumer. A glimmering rose gold and peach hue feel fresh and lively, and simple yet purposeful icons make the products seem strong yet gentle on the skin. The brand name is written in a modern sans serif font, telling buyers that Sofisticada is skincare for today’s woman. Additional materials, like stationery and business cards, have a light sheen to them, similar to the dewy glow of healthy, hydrated skin. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Project Love: Estúdio Maracujá

Nice branding project for Estúdio Maracujá, designed by Guayabo – a Brazilian design studio fundamentally based in co-working experience and in skill sharing. Through collaborative processes, the studio develops unique comercial and personal projects made specially by designers, illustrators and graphic artists.

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