Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Development of Ornamental from Plain Letters

Nice wee illustration of the process of a plain letter to a decorative one! via ffffound

Want - Seesaw Calender

If I hadn't told myself that I can't buy anything until my trip, I would so buy this!

2010 Letterpress Calender

Studio Love: Rubber

Just found a great studio via graphic-exchange. Lots of inspirational work over a wide range of disciplines. I love the letterpress work, and the branding is very inspiring!

Check them out here. Rubber Design







Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Trends in Logo Design

Glad I fell upon these! Love the Michael Spitz logo!

I've been looking at a lot of different ways to do logos recently, and colours are something that really intrigue me! This is a lovely set of 'many colour' logos.

Why we should create a new brand with just two colours when we can use more? Green, blue, yellow and magenta together? Why not? The colour combination sometimes has no rules. We present a selection of amazing new brands with one thing in common:  "the use of colours". Today we’re going to feature 30 of the best submissions from Creattica and Logopond.

Logo Trends of 2009

Logo trends of 2009 via logolounge!

Some interesting commentary on the logo trends of 2009!

"These trends are offered as an objective report of the newest, most relevant directions. They should serve as traction in moving you forward in identity design. Revisit the full collection of the past six years' worth of trends reports at for even more context."



There Is

WOW! Amazing!



Saturday, 20 February 2010


Wow! What an awesome tool for website developers!

Has all the basic 'web standard' fonts, and also, it looks at the fonts your have installed on your computer so you can check out what they look like in comparison! Also very easy to change size, colour, leading, kerning, aligning etc!

I do love a good tool!

Personal Work: The BeST Awards

Right, so I'm tooting my horn a wee bit on this one - My project Sustain-a-what - which I completed for my final project of my graphic design degree. The project has won a silver award at the DINZ BeST awards - which is awesome! Gotta be a bit proud of myself for this one! Yay!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jill Greenberg Photography

Wow - I'm in love! Particularly with this lovely set of photos from Jill Greenberg. Something about the colours, the underwater-ness, and the sense of calm within the photos! Love it.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Yay! My new portfolio site is now live. Check it out here! After alot of trials, changes, double-thinking and finally some 'Yes, that's it' moments, its finally here. My first portfolio site - and its definitely true - you are your hardest critic!


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Personal Work: Sit on this

So I've been working on this stool as part of an exhibition - with quite a cool idea! A friend, George Whiting, has made a whole bunch of stools, and he asked a whole bunch of people to design them. The exhibition opening is tonight, but here is the piece I submitted. It is an exploration of decorative pattern and natural materials.

The Gallery is open Monday 8th Feb, to Friday 12th Feb, 10am to 5.20pm at 131 Willis St.


Friday, 5 February 2010

Studio Love: Studio Round

Studio Round, in Melbourne, Australia, has some stunning work! Lots of branding, packaging, typographic and graphic design.

I was lucky enough to go to their studio while I was in Melbourne for AGIdeas, 2008, where they showed a group of like minded designers through their processes, space, and the gorgeous work.





Wedding Invitations

I am currently doing some branding for a startup wedding invitation company. Which is very very enjoyable work! When it is up and running I will be doing the design work for invitations aswell, so I always have my eye open for unique, fresh, beautiful wedding invitations!

I have ffffound some wonderful pieces! These all give me great inspiration...



Custom Type

Wow! I just found lettercult through ffffound. I am so in love! Really, really makes me want to get drawing - not even for a custom logo or anything, just to be drawing type, something I have always loved doing! Note to self - draw more! Also, along the same note - draw different things! I tend to start drawing and continue drawing the same thing for awhile...

Anyway, these are beautiful, inspiring hand-drawn typographic pieces!


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