Friday, 26 April 2013

Project Love: Giahi

Really nice branding and collateral for Giahi - a specialised tattoo and piercing studio based in Zurich. Designed by Anagrama, heres what they say about it...
The custom type designed for the logo is riddled with detail and conveys the artful and precise process of tattoo-making. The tiny, sharp peaks and crevices found in the type directly associates with the moment and accuracy of the tattooing needle piercing human skin. There is a gold-stamped droplet in the closed counter of the logo's letter 'A', a tribute to the everlasting effect of ink in human skin. The golden cross symbol at the bottom of the logotype is a salute to the brand's Swiss nationality. The logo-type layout and weight is heavily influenced by the art and insignia on the leather jackets of American biker gangs of the 1960's. While the weight of the logo's typography conveys the toughness and coarseness associated with tattoos, the minute and elaborate markings and details speak of the precision and craftsmanship typical of Switzerland and its devoted clock makers.


  1. I love the type treatment for this branding! Everything looks so neat. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree! I love the curved edges on the tops of the letters! )


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