Friday, 31 July 2015

Project Love: Have you seen my cat? is an epic little side project by graphic designers Alice Murray and Jared McDowell. Nice strong block typography, spot on tone of voice, and a bit of fun, love it!
Badly designed posters were doing nothing for missing cats. We wanted to change the status quo.

Project Love: Kindo

Stunning branding, packaging, interiors and furniture design for Kindo, designed by Anagrama. Love the way they have taken simple rounded geometric shapes from 2D on the stationery and packaging, right through to the custom furniture and shapes used in the store modules. Gorgeous colour palette too.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Project Love: Davana

Loving this bright, fun and really gorgeous identity for Davana, designed by Firmalt. Davana is an online gift-giving business based in Monterrey, Mexico with the primary goal of making special occasions, unforgettable. I love the use of hexagons and the jagged alignment of the text, as well as the bold colour choices used throughout.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Project Love: INTGRS

Beautiful typographic exploration for fashion brand Cluny McCullagh, by Dylan McDonough.
INTGRS, is a tool kit which, using the language, objects and images of fashion facilitates the embodied practice of design. From the layout of the text to the ambiguity of the objects the user is asked to physically engage their body at every possibly ‘reading’ or experience of the kit. Shapes reminiscent of garments are included subtly as starting points of use but ultimately there is no right or wrong way to experience INTGRS.
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